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DER DUFT Parfums



DER DUFT was founded by Anselm Skogstad, a German-American artist and photojournalist from Munich.

Anselm studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the School of Visual Art in New York.

He worked for Christopher Makos (photographer), David Lachapelle (photographer) and Magnum Photos, among others, where the basis for his artistic work was created.

Anselm's love of fragrances goes back a long way. Even as a child, his family was amazed at how he could distinguish individual scents from one another and impressed by his sensitivity to scents.

As an adolescent he began collecting perfumes and it was always the combination of olfactory and aesthetic beauty that fascinated him.

With DER DUFT he has created his own world of fragrances together with some of the best perfumers. Individual, modern & timeless. 

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