Lafferty's is a trading company with focus on special interest and high quality products. Having specialized on luxury perfumes, the product line was extended to high quality products  over time.


Lafferty's operates as agent and distributor. The company is constantly looking for products which fit the requirements of being high quality, considered, beautiful and very special. It is the company’s credo to offer clients and partners only merchandise that is outstanding and sophisticated. The network of offline and online retailers and partners in the DACH region and Europe has constantly expanded.


The company was founded 2010 by Kathryn Malley. In her years as sales agent for renowned distribution companies, she gained experience in dealing with high class special interest products and developed a strong sense of style and aesthetics. This has become the DNA for Lafferty's, which aims to excel on the expectations and requirements of its clients. An essential part of this is clear and open communication, including a very high degree of reliability and a good understanding of each client’s individual needs. Lafferty's value chain is complimented by product and sales consulting, as well as product trainings and communication services.


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