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Carthusia Mediterraneo Eau de Parfum



According to legend, in 1380 the Queen of Anjou announced that she was going to visit the Monastery of St. James on Capri. The monks picked the most beautiful flowers on the island into a large bouquet and presented it to the queen. The flowers stayed in the water for 3 days and after the Queen's departure, the monks wanted to dispose of the flowers and found that the water gave off a wonderful scent. 

The Father Alchemist, who was quickly called, created the "Garofilium Silvestre Caprese" based on this model - the first perfume from Capri.

In 1948 the ancient formulas of the perfumes were passed from the prior of the monastery to a perfumer and chemist from Piemonte and the Pope in Rome allowed the smallest laboratory in the world to produce it under the name " Carthusia ". 

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